Inmazes is the title of the debut album by Danish experimental rock band VOLA.

VOLA received rave reviews for their 2011 EP 'Monsters'. Ourstage wrote: 'Sometimes [...] a band comes along that's so good it almost doesn't matter just how metal they are.' while a journalist on Rockfreaks had to conclude: 'I'm having a hard time drawing justified parallels to any other band I know. I guess VOLA are just pretty damn special?'.

VOLA's music exists in a borderline area of rock, that is as high-flying and melodically fulfilling as it is itchy and heavy. The band forms quirky trails of distorted bass and guitars, entangling synth lines and constantly groove-driven drums that play up against wide vocal harmonies and deep-blue-textured electronica.

The Copenhagen-based quartet grew out of a common interest in eclectic, groove-oriented music which draws inspiration ranging from 70's progressive rock to modern day electronica, industrial and extreme metal. VOLA features Asger Mygind on vocals and guitar, Nicolai Mogensen on bass, Martin Werner on keyboards and Felix Ewert on drums.

Inmazes was released digitally worldwide on the 2nd of February 2015. The album features artwork based on a watercolor/acrylic drawing by Danish artist Anders Thrane, mix by Asger Mygind and mastering by Jens Bogren of Fascination Street Studio. Gutter Moon is the first single of the album. The video for the song is animated by 'Sammenervilunkne', which is a new animation studio established by Anne Noerkjaer Bang and Nicolai Mogensen.



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