Live From The Pool – BluRay/CD Digipak

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Blu-Ray & CD Digipack featuring the full performance in Video & Audio.
Live From the Pool releases April 1st 2022.

The idea for ‘Live From The Pool’ was conceived at a time where it was particularly hard to be a band with an international fanbase. Due to the Covid-19-pandemic making live shows and touring practically impossible, we were forced to think very carefully – and creatively – about how to reach our listeners in new ways. We wanted to do something spectacular that didn’t seem like a compromise – and with loads of help from talented people, we think we succeed in creating an online concert experience out of the ordinary.

‘Live From The Pool’ is the biggest production we have ever made as a band and it was very exciting for us to work with such an extensive set-up. We filmed the entire concert, featuring both new and old material, at an abandoned indoor swimming pool with five cameras and a drone, the scenery lit up by a beautiful light installation, custom-made for this show by the danish audiovisual artist collective Vertigo.

We really loved doing the show and we are so happy and thankful that both our fans and our label wished to help transcend this one-time experience into a release on Blu-Ray, LP, CD & Digital – available now for everybody to enjoy.

Tracklist BRD & CD
1: 24 Light-Years (Live From The Pool)
2: Alien Shivers (Live From The Pool)
3: Head Mounted Sideways (Live From The Pool)
4: Straight Lines (Live From The Pool)
5: Ruby Pool (Live From The Pool)
6: Owls (Live From The Pool)
7: These Black Claws feat. SHAHMEN (Live From The Pool)
8: Gutter Moon (October Session) (Live From The Pool)
9: Ghosts (Live From The Pool)
10: Smartfriend (Live From The Pool)
11: Whaler (Live From The Pool)
12: Inside Your Fur (Live From The Pool)
13: Stray The Skies (Live From The Pool)

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