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Live from the Pool, comes to your screens on September 11th. An intimate VOLA performance across their discography, wherever you are in the world! Tickets & bundles are available via

Premieres Saturday, September 11, 2021
11:00 Los Angeles
14:00 New York
19:00 London
20:00 Copenhagen
21:00 Moscow
04:00 Sydney (Sun)

Tickets will be valid for restreaming for up to 2 weeks after the premiere.

‘Live From The Pool’ was filmed at the swimming pool of the abandoned Auderød military camp in North Zealand near Copenhagen, Denmark. Designed by world-famous architect Henning Larsen this defunct swimming pool building has become part of the nature park Auderød. A place where nature encounters the mysteries of a once existing military base, ready to be explored.

For the lighting & scenography of this remarkable setting, VOLA worked with the visionary Danish audiovisual artist collective Vertigo, where light, nature, music & concrete meet!

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